Who is Mike Strescino and what is Slum Earth?

Information on what Slum Earth is and what the goals and overall philosophy of the project are. Also the bio of the Slum Earth creator Mike Strescino.

Self portrait watercolor.jpg

Mike Strescino

b. 1984 Tacoma, WA. Mike lived his first four years in Hawaii before his family relocated to Colorado. He grew up and went to school in Pueblo, CO. With the exception of a few more years in Hawaii during his early 20s, Mike has resided in Colorado, living and working in Denver for the past several years.

Drawing became part of his life early and has remained a constant since. Through many different life phases -- trying to paint like an Impressionist as a kid, writing graffiti as a teenager, printmaking in college and zigzagging through mural painting, oil painting, digital illustration and now tattooing --  drawing persists as the foundation. At heart Mike considers himself an illustrator first.

Over the past ten years Mike has done much traveling, in the U.S. and abroad, which has lead to significant work in sketchbooks. Drawing and painting in a sketchbook subsequently became his favorite place to work. This combination led to his current approach to artmaking which, no matter the medium, that is essentially visual note taking and journaling: connecting observations and blurring lines, creating a timeline of work reflecting a life lived is the overarching goal of Mike’s creative process.

Currently Mike’s work is informed by the people and places from His recent travels to South Asia overlapped with observations from home, attempting to capture the blur of memory during daily life.